An Overview of Epoxy Floor Coating and Its Benefits

Epoxy Floor Fluoropolymer Coating

Whether you are looking to seal your concrete surface or refurbish outdated flooring, epoxy floor coating can certainly be an excellent option.

It can effectively fortify your flooring while completely transforming your space with a morale lifting finish. This resilient floor coating seals the floor and keeps your well-trafficked areas safe as well as beautiful.

What Is Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy floor coating is formulated using various combinations of epoxide resins, additives, fillers, and polyamine or polyamide hardener. When all these materials are mixed, the resultant chemical reaction provides distinct qualities to a floor. Out of all these qualities, surface endurance and stability are the most important. This process creates a firm bond, curing and sealing the surface.

Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coating:  

Mentioned below are some of the advantages of using epoxy coating on floors.

  • Epoxy floor coatings can transform the appearance of any floor by covering up all existing defects. If your garage floor has sustained any damage or defect in the past, epoxy coating can be your best solution. If you want to hide these imperfections thoroughly, you may opt for epoxy paint. To outfit your space in the right manner, epoxy coating can be done in several colour and design options. If you have decorative lighting in the room, the shiny surface of epoxy coating will create a new dimension altogether. Decorative quartz or mica chips can also be added for better traction.
  • Flake seamless flooring is a very popular option. The decorative flake is sealed in with clear topcoat to give a seamless, easy to clean surface.
  • Compared to removal and replacement of your existing flooring, epoxy coating is an extremely cost-effective alternative. It not only helps retain the existing floor, but also eliminates time consuming and pricey tasks such as removal of old floor and installation of a new floor.
  • Being shock resistant, epoxy coating remains unaffected by the wear and tear of cars running on a surface or toppling of heavy items.
  • Epoxy coating has a typical temperature tolerance limit of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. In case of higher temperature, higher grade epoxies can be used to achieve optimal resistance.
  • The epoxy resin offers excellent chemical resistance, particularly for alkaline environments. Depending on the depth and density of the layering, it can resist the seepage of chemicals through to the concrete floor.
  • Epoxy also makes a floor water resistant and protects it from all types of distortions caused by spillage or flooding.
  • Epoxy coatings last for an extended amount of time without any rework. Owing to its high resistance to elements, the coatings have higher endurance compared to wood flooring or tiles.
  • Its simple upkeep is another advantage of an epoxy coated floor.  The shiny and resilient epoxy surface can be maintained easily by regular sweeping and cleaning.
  • Clear Epoxy Coatings provide a beautiful hardwearing ‘polished concrete’ effect at a fraction of the cost and application time of the traditional process.

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