Fluoropolymer Coatings have completely re-written the role of the topcoat. Instead of being an aesthetic appendix to the paint system, it becomes a major protection asset to the primers and substrate, as well as enhancing the aesthetics all at the same time. Fluoropolymer Coatings gives you excellent colour retention and you the peace of mind that your substrate will be protected from the harsh New Zealand UV rays, while upholding its colour and sheen longer than anything on the market

Steel Fluoropolymer Coatings
Steel Fluoropolymer Coatings
Steel Fluoropolymer Coatings
Steel Fluoropolymer Coatings
Steel Fluoropolymer Coatings
Steel Fluoropolymer Coatings

The Fluoropolymer Advantage

  • Colour & Gloss Retention of 30 Years
  • Excellent Corrosion Protection
  • Lower Life-Cycle Maintenance Costs
  • Outstanding Chemical Resistance
  • Anti-Graffiti Properties
  • Unlimited Colour and Gloss Range

Fluoropolymer Coating Case Studies

External Fibre Cement Panel 15-20 Years Fluoropolymer Coatings

NAB Headquarters, Melbourne

This iconic building had façade panels coated with our Fluoropolymer Coating – Vitreflon 700 in 2002. This building is within meters of the coastline and shows off colours like Bright Blue, Red, Orange and Purple – all colours that are most prone to fading. Conventional coatings in this situation would have rapidly faded and degraded.

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Japan

The longest suspension bridge in the world is coated with a Fluoropolymer topcoat. This was after a Japanese Bridge Authority specified the use of Fluoropolymer Paint as the new standard for coating new bridges as well as repainting old bridges.

Fluoropolymer Coating, extra long life coating

Lachlan’s Line Bridge, Sydney

The World’s first double helix bridge is seen snaking its way through northern Sydney. It is protected with a Fluoropolymer Coating. With colour and sheen retention properties of 30 years the Fluoropolymer Coating is prefect for this inspiring bridge.

Fluoropolymer Coated Bridge

Tokyo Gate Bridge, Japan

The Tokyo Gate Bridge completed construction in 2012. Its Steel Surfaces are protected with a coating system that incorporates a Fluoropolymer Topcoat. The Fluoropolymer Topcoat is designed to withstand UV Degradation, which means that it protects the underlying coating system while upholding excellent colour & gloss retention.

Extra Long Life Coating, Colour Stable

Cudgegong Rd Station, Australia

This amazing Gum Leaf shaped structure is part of a huge city rail project. It has been protected with our Fluoropolymer Coating – Vitreflon 790. This product has a expected colour and gloss retention lifespan of 30 years, this has a huge impact on lowering the Life-Cycle Maintience Costs.

Steel Fluoropolymer Coatings

Aura Boulevarde Bridge, Queensland

This bridge has 39 steel embellishments which are all coated with Vitreflon 790, our premium Fluoropolymer Coating. These vibrant colours help to form a unique colorful wave effect. With a conventional coating system this would look unattactive after 10 years, but with a Fluoropolymer Coating providing 30 year colour and gloss retention properties – these colours are here to stay.

The Fluoropolymer Advantage


Vitreflon coatings offer and virtually unlimited range of colours including metallic and pearl finishes for a standout architectural finish. Gloss levels are available range for a high gloss down to a completely matt finish, catering for vast architectural expression.

And one of the best features of Vitreflon, it continues to look great year after year!

Architects, engineers, specifiers and asset owners choose Vitreflon because it provides them with the ability to achieve great finishes and gives them confidence in coating performance with little or no major maintenance throughout the life of the coating- estimated at up to 60 years.

Deep Blue Long LAsting coating

Eight Woman Sculpture

The first iconic project with our Vitreflon Fluoropolymer Coating was the steel ‘Eight Women’ sculptures. These were installed at the Sydney Olympic Park in 2001 – they are still in excellent condition today. Notice the colour retention.

Corrosion Resistance

Each year, corrosion related issues cost countries billions of dollars and can dramatically add to a projects overall lifecycle cost. Therefore using the best corrosion resistant technology available will dramatically decrease the overall life cycle cost of a project.

Advantages of Vitreflon coatings for corrosion protection

  1. Resists degradation due to weathering and exposure to chemicals
  2. Displays excellent erosion resistance (loses very little film thickness over expected lifespan)
  3. Keeps corrosion initiators for penetrating the topcoat and degrading the zinc-rich primer underneath

Scroll through images on the right to view weathering over time >

Lower Life Cycle Costs

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten!

One consideration is initial price, another and altogether different consideration is long term value. With Vitreflon coatings the difference becomes very clear.

Vitreflon coatings typically last 2-3 times longer than high quaility polyurethane coatings. In this day and age the costs of maintenance are going upwardmaking it more and more important to consider the long term value of your coating solution.

Vitreflon coatings are used to protect steel, CFC, fibrelass, GRC, concrete and other materials from the harmful effects of UV, rain, wind and chemicals.

See more detail in the NZTA ‘Protective Coatings for Steel Bridges’ Document. 

Financial Benefit of using a Fluoropolymer Coating Based on a real-life example of repainting a major bridge

Based on painting 50,000m2 of steel at a provisional cost of $29,156,500Polyurethane SystemFluoropolymer System
Total contract repainting cost $/m2$583.13 ($1.41/m2 for Polyurethane Topcoat)$588.43 (6.52/m2 for Fluoropolymer Topcoat)
Estimated Coating Life20-25 Years60 Years
Total paint maintenance life-cycle cost of the structure in $/m2/year$29.15 – $23.32$9.80
Life Cycle Cost Index10042 (58% saving)
  Using a fluoropolymer coating increases the total project cost by 0.88% and effect a 58% life-cycle cost saving