For Raw Concrete Effect: Base Coating

Base R33 Coating


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Raw Concrete Effect Decorative Paint and Resin Application

RAW CONCRETE has the look and feel of new cement. It is matt in its appearance with a surface that is slightly rough to the touch.

The painting cycle is simple and it allows the user to obtain a realistic concrete finish even on large surfaces.

The effect can be painted in different colors, depending on the project requirements.

The end result is a very realistic concrete surface that is durable. As necessary, the application of a protective transparent topcoat will give the surface a higher level of resistance.

This paint can be applied with a Spatula/Trowel or Sprayed.

All TrendyPaints are water-based with low VOC levels so they are environmentally friendly.

Many stylish colours are available and custom colours can be produced by requested.

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Add 1 Toner EASYSHADE for each 5 kg of base product

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5L, 15L


1 sqm/kg in two layers


This product has a very simple application ? The pigmentation of the paint is done by adding 1 TONER EASYSHADE (200ml) for each 5kg ? The BASE R33 may also be colored using water-based pigments at 1-2% by weight, we suggest you do a pigment compatibility test first ? The product is applied with a typical metal spatula/trowel (American) in 2 coats, the second coat should be applied in the same manner/style as the first layer ? Between layers, let the surface dry for about 10 hours at room temperature ? Sand the surface between coats with P180 grit sandpaper ? The thickness of the paint applied to the surface is determined by the particle sizes within the paint, you will have a minimum thickness for each layer ? Wash the spatula with warm water and soap immediately after use ? SPRAYING APPLICATION: Mix with about 10%-40% water