Enviroflake Decorative Flake Non Slip

Envioflake is a revolutionary way of adding a decretive finish to epoxy floors. It is naturally a non-slip floor coating that comes in a range of inspirational colours options

  • Range of different finishing options
  • Easy and safe application
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Any sheen
  • Can be overcoated with UV Resistant Coating for Outdoors
  • Extremely hard-wearing
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Chemical resistant
  • Enviro-friendly


  • Next day delivery
  • Top quality products
  • Money back guarantee

Tredgrip Non-Slip Rubberised Coating

Envioflake Non-Slip Flake Flooring Typical Applications:

  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Bathrooms
  • Garage Floors
  • School Hallways
  • Gyms
  • Garden Shed Floors
  • Showers
  • Changing Rooms

The attractive multi-colored Enviroflake Flooring System is a very popular decorative floor finish for amenities, kitchens, retail shops and showrooms. Flake colours can be mixed and matched to blend in with surrounding surfaces, brighten up sparsely furnished areas and enhance corporate imagery by using company colours.

The dappled eye-catching appeal of Enviroflake Seamless Floors is accompanied by excellent hygiene due to the absence of grout and joint lines. Cleanability of Enviroflake Seamless Floors in kitchens and amenities is often further enhanced by installing corner coving which is explained separately. A step-by-step Enviroflake Seamless Flooring method is included below.

STEP 1 – PREPARATION Provide profile key by grinding or acid etching, mask the edges and clean the area.
STEP 2 – PRIMING Prime the surface ? usually with E2100 to colour @ 6 – 8m2/L.
STEP 3 ? BASECOAT & BROADCAST Apply basecoat ? E2100 or E4110 to colour, usually light gray or white @ 5 – 6m2/L and broadcast Enviroflake into the basecoat while still wet @ approx. 2 – 3m2 per kg.
STEP 4 – SHAVING Flatten the surface by lightly scraping or sanding to remove protruding flake. Change the perimeter tape and remove all loose flake by sweeping or vacuuming.
STEP 5 – ENCAPSULATING Apply the clear encapsulating coat ? usually E2000 or E8476 @ approx. 5m2/L.
STEP 6 – TOPCOATING Apply the topcoat ? usually E2000 for interior floors or E8476 for areas subject to UV light.

download technical specification

Tredgrip Rubberised Coating Specification?

This spec is to achieve a non-slip elastomeric coating on CFC. It is water based, and is designed for on-site application.

Download Tredgrip Coating Specification

4kg, 5kg


New Generation Blend Range, Stone Grip Blend Range, Marbletone Range, Standard Blend Range, Natural Stone Range



Coverage Rate

6m? per litre per coat recommended.

Pot Life



Stir before Using


Oyster (Small), Sandstone, Black Marble (Large), Black Marble (XL), White (Mico), White (Small), Graphite Stone, Black Granite, Grey Granite (Small), Chestnut (Micro), Glacier, Grey Mist, Pewter, Grey Stone NS423, Pine Marble (Small), Grey Mist (Large), Grey Mist (Small), Richmond Marble (Large), Richmond Marble (Small)

Flake Size

Micro, Small, Large, XL