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Etch Primer: 440 Virethane Single Pack

A & I Coatings VITRETHANE 440 is a single pack self etching primer/pretreatment for adhesion to both ferrous and non ferrous substrates, various plastics and laminated surfaces. V440 is suitable for applications where combination of fast drying, adhesion, abrasion resistance and overcoatability is required. V450 or V580 are recommended where increased corrosion resistance is required. CASA Approved for aeroplanes.



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As a pretreatment, blast primer or holding primer on:
• Aluminium metal spray
• Copper and its alloys
• Stainless steel
• Smooth cementitious surfaces
• Metal fabrication
• Cabinets
• Structural steel
• Aluminium sheet and extrusions
• Galvanised steels
• Trusses
• Gates
• Tanks
• Cranes


1. Excellent adhesion to ferrous and non-ferrous metals
2. One pack convenience
3. Corrosion resistant in light duty applications
4. One coat finish for interior use
5. Rapid drying and overcoating times
6. Suitable for topcoating with a variety of single and 2-pack products
7. May be used over several plastics and laminated surfaces

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