Floor Coating: E4001 Two Pack Clear Solvent Free Epoxy Primer – Low Viscosity 3:1 Ratio

Is a two pack water borne very clear epoxy coating with excellent film properties and surface hardness. This self priming and environmentally friendly coating system is ideal as a floor coating with excellent adhesion and chemical resistance.



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E4001 Two Pack Clear Solvent Free Epoxy Primer – Low Viscosity 3:1 Ratio

Is a clear two pack, solvent free, 100% solids epoxy with excellent penetration, surface hardness and adhesion to concrete substrates. ENVIROSET 4001 exhibits high water resistance, chemical and oil resistance.

Uses and Benefits:

  • As a primer for mild and galvanized steel
  • As a suitable primer for acrylics, urethanes and fluoropolymers.
  • Marine & industrial environment
  • Structural steel


  • Fascias and facades
  • Wind turbines
  • High capital cost structures
  • Bridges and acoustic barriers
  • Chemical plants
  • Structural steel and roofing
  • Other uses include coating of substrates such as copper, aluminium and glass.
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Theoretical Coverage

5-10 m? /litre Dependant on application.


Mixing : Blend Pack A with Pack B to correct ratio. Power stir thoroughly for at least two minutes prior to use. Allow to stand for 10 minutes in cold weather. Only mix required amount and use within the stated pot life. Cleaning : V122 Epoxy Thinners Equipment : Airless spray, brush or roller. Note: If airless spray is running too hot, it may set off a faster cure time. Care must be taken to roll or brush out uneven surface