For Real Rust Effect: Primer Coating


Texturized white primer to prevent corrosion on surfaces such as: wood, metal, walls, and drywall


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Rust Effect Decorative Paint and Resin Application

REDOX FE are decorative interior paints that beautifully recreates the naturally occuring oxidization of metals?in just a few hours.

With a range of colours in Rust, these paints bring the rustic outdoors indoors. The painting cycle is simple and it allows the user to obtain a realistic rust finish even on large surfaces.

The effect can be painted in different shades of rust, depending on the project requirements. The end result is a very realistic rusted surface that is durable. As necessary, the application of a protective transparent topcoat will give the surface a higher level of resistance.

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Add 1 Toner EASYSHADE for each 5 kg of base product

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5L, 15L


5 sqm/kg in two layers


PRIMER AQ055 TEX (metal, wood, drywall) ? Apply this white primer after diluting with water at 30-40% by weight ? Apply with a short pile roller and in 2 coats, wait about 4 hours between coats ? For raw or unfinished plasterboard, drywall, or cement, first apply a water-based sealer and let dry ? For application on metal, sand the surface and clean with degreasers or paint thinner ? Let the second layer dry for at least 2 hours, then you can apply the next layers