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HiBuild 200 Acrylic Low Sheen 10L

High Build Water Proofing Membrane – HiBuild 200 is specifically designed for coating cement based building elements.


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High Build Water Proofing Membrane – HiBuild 200 is specifically designed for coating cement based building elements.

When dry, it remains highly flexible and elastomeric for the lifetime of the paint system.

These attributes aid weather tightness by bridging small fissures and cracks that can develop in cementitious substrates.

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Weight10 kg
Product Features

Remains flexible and elastic – aids weather tightness water proofing by bridging small fissures and cracks
Excellent hold-out characteristics – gives uniform gloss levels on textured and coarse surfaces
Superb flow control – can be applied evenly; even on heavily textured surfaces
Mould and fungus growth inhibitors – ensures paint condition and appearance is maintained

Typical Area of Use

Upgrading of previously coated cementitious substrates in sound condition
Coating of new cementitious substrates
Fine stipple texturing

Typical Substrates

Concrete walls
Cementitious cladding
Brick and block work
Solid Plaster finishes
Tilt Slab

Color and Gloss

Gloss level and description – low sheen 5% @ 60 degrees
Available in white, pastel, mid tone, dark and extra bright colours

Surface preparation

General preparation of the surface to be painted should be completed before commencing application.
All loose material must be removed and surface damage or imperfections made good.
The surface must be clean, dry and free of contaminants.
Weathered surfaces should be water-blasted and any contaminated surfaces etched and cleaned.
Cracks should be filled with elastomeric filler after the application of PaintPlus Masonry Sealer.
Moss and mould infected areas should be treated and water blasted.
Prepare glossy areas by acid etching or grinding and thoroughly cleanse with a water blaster or a soft brush and hose to remove release agent residues and loose particles.

Application schedule

Touch dry 30 minutes
Re-coat time (minimum) 4 hours
Practical coverage 5–10 square meters per litre
Dry film thickness @ 5 square meters per litre
91 microns per coat
Usual no of coats – 2
Application is not recommended if the surface and/ or air temperature is less than 10˚C or is liable to fall below 10˚C during the drying period.

Application methods

Application by airless spray gun is recommended to attain specified wet film builds.
Airless spray minimum 150 bars (2,500lb/sq in)
Tip size 19–21 thou
A 16–20mm nap roller or lambskin roller may also be used to apply HiBuild 200

Clean up and thinning

Clean up all equipment with water.
HiBuild 200 should not be thinned except to aid penetration on porous substrates
– a maximum of 50mls of water per litre may be added on the first coat for this purpose.
Excessive thinning will have a detrimental impact on the features of this product.


Read label before use and keep out of reach of children.
If medical advice is needed: have product container or label at hand.
Wear protective clothing such as overalls, goggles and gloves and ventilate working areas.
Wash any paint deposits off skin.
If sanding wear face mask to avoid inhaling dust particles.


Specified film builds of 200 microns wet film build (5 square meters per litre)
must be attained to gain the benefits of the elastomeric water proofing benefits of this coating

Environmental Qualities

Manufactured in a carbon neutral certified facility –
ISO 14064-1
VOC 0gms per litre EC07-13
Ecolabel certified – Environmental Choice EC07-13
Licence number 0703012

Primer/Sealer Requirements

Unpainted surfaces
Apply 1 coat of PaintPlus Masonry Sealer

Previously painted surfaces
Prime repairs and bare areas with PaintPlus Masonry Sealer

Roof and Cladding

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