Tredgrip Non-Slip Rubberised Coating

Tredgrip is a revolutionary rubberised non-slip floor coating which offers a quick and easy safety solution for pedestrian walkways in a range of bright inspirational colours.

  • Easy and safe application
  • UV resistant
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Low sheen finish
  • Can be overcoated
  • Extremely hard wearing
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Chemical resistant
  • Enviro-friendly
  • Excellent waterpoofer
  • Compatible with line marking


  • Next day delivery
  • Top quality products
  • Money back guarantee

Tredgrip Non-Slip Rubberised Coating

Tredgrip Non-Slip Rubberised Coating Typical Applications:

  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Sports courts
  • Outdoor learning areas
  • Access ramps and shop entrances
  • Boat decks
  • Podiums and balconies
  • Stairways and patios
  • Pool surrounds

Tredgrip is a single pack, water-based, rubberised safety-floor coating which provides excellent foot grip for indoor and outdoor walking surfaces. Tredgrip is a first choice for covering older walkways because quite thick build-ups can be achieved, and the stippled finish provided by the incorporated rubber particles covers imperfections beautifully. Furthermore, Tredgrip?s tough flexibility effortlessly covers hairline cracks which makes it a very effective waterproofer for leaking balconies and podiums. Tredgrip is available in a range of bright colours which are becoming increasingly popular for sports courts, swimming pool surrounds, child care centres and boat decks where safety and easy maintenance are prime requirements. Additional features can be gained by overcoating with Tredseal. Low VOC certification is available for GreenStar projects.

Tredgrip is also a membrane coating and has excellent flexibility. Minor substrate movement including hairline cracks are easily covered with Tredgrip, and because it is permanently flexible, it will allow substrate expansion and contraction without any damage to the coating. Click to see more information?

Areas where Tredgrip can be used include: tennis courts, public access ramps and steps, decks, patios, pool surrounds, boats, sporting facilities and disabled care facilities. In fact, Tredgrip non slip coatings can be used almost anywhere a non slip decorative surface is required.


Clean thoroughly taking care to remove any salts. Sand thoroughly.

1st coat Tredgrip @6m2/Litre
2nd nd Coat ? Tredgrip @6m2/Litre

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Non Slip Coating for Boat

Tredgrip Rubberised Coating Specification?

This spec is to achieve a non-slip elastomeric coating on CFC. It is water based, and is designed for on-site application.

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1L, 4L, 10L


Any Colour



Coverage Rate

6m? per litre per coat recommended.

Pot Life



Stir before Using