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Nutech EPiC PolyCryl Kit Compress

PolyCryl 2 pack is a high strength performance driven coating with resistance to corrosion and abrasion


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High Strength Surface Coating

EPiC PolyCryl is a high strength, solvent-based, functional acrylic 2 pack coating which provides excellent protection to concrete, timber, masonry and primed metal surfaces. EPiC PolyCryl has been developed to provide excellent interior and exterior durability with functional benefits of hardness, abrasion and scuff resistance for a wide variety of applications.

EPiC PolyCryl provides superior protection against petrol, oil, fatty oils, acid, alkali and is ideally suited as a sacrificial anti-graffiti finish.


  • Excellent interior and exterior durability
  • Isocyanate free
  • Hard-wearing
  • Excellent adhesion and hardness
  • High resistance to corrosion and abrasion
  • Impervious to water and moisture
  • Easy application

Suitable Surfaces


Solvent Based
Clear Finish
Industrial Grade


Download Technical Data Sheet

Download Safety Data Sheet Part A

Download Safety Data Sheet Part B

Download Application Guide 

Weight5.2 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 20 cm

Clear/ Coloured Viscous Liquid


Part A: Epic PolyCryl 'Clear' 3L
Part B: Epic PolyCryl 1L


X-5 Solvent

Film Forming Temperature


Dry Film Thickness

60 microns

Coats Required

2 Coats

Recoat Time

4 – 12 Hours

Touch Dry

2 – 4 Hours

Full Cure

7 Days

VOC Levels



Highly Flammable

Gloss Levels


Pot Life

8 Hours

Ambient Application Temperature

10°C – 30°C

Coverage Rate

8 – 10 sqm/coat

Application Guide

Equipment Type
• Good quality brush and roller sleeve. Spray application will depend on the type of finish
• Do not store the mixed product in spray equipment to avoid damage.

Surface Preparation
• All surfaces must be free from rust, oil, grease, and all other surface contamination. Concrete
should be etched using Nu-EcoSafe Etch or Nu-EcoSafe UltraEtch. High-Pressure Water wash
area (> 2000 Psi) and allow to completely dry.

• Mixing 3 Parts A to 1 Part B (single 2 Pack kit). Mix using a drill mixer, hand siring is not
sufficient. Leave to stand for 10 minutes prior to use to allow full activation.
Do not use after pot life has expired (8 hours).

• For spray application thin 10% – 15% with X-5 Solvent. Do not thin for brush or roller
• Bare concrete and masonry surfaces thin 20% – 25% with X-5 Solvent for first coat application
for increased penetration and adhesion.

Drying and Curing
• EPiC PolyCryl should be touch dry and able to be recoated after 4 hours. For a full cure, allow
drying for 7 days.

Clean Up
• Clean all surfaces and equipment using X-5 Solvent

Safety Precautions
• Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and a recommended respirator for spray application.
• Make sure there is good air flow and ventilation before applying this coating.