Nutech NXT AquaGuard 19L

A high build waterproofing membrane that is resistant to ponding and wear.
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Exterior Grade Waterproofing Membrane

NXT AquaGuard is a solvent-free, water-based, high build, nanotechnology, modified organic polymer system, developed specifically by Nutech Paint as an exterior grade 100% waterproofing membrane.

NXT AquaGuard has been designed for application to external surfaces to protect against water ingress and weathering. NXT AquaGuard provides a hard yet flexible surface that resists fungi, algae growth, salt and carbon attack with added water beading and contamination resistance, for the life of the coating.

NXT AquaGuard is available in a low sheen finish and a range of 46 standard colours and clear tintable bases.

Features and Benefits

? Ponding Waterproof
? Water-based
? High build, elastomeric and flexible
? Low sheen finish
? Resistant to fungi and algae growth
? Resistant to salt and carbon dioxide attack
? Excellent adhesion
? Chalk resistant
? Supplied to order with no minimum quantity
? Resists light foot traffic
? Solvent-free
? Non-hazardous
? User-friendly
? Easy clean up with water
? Long shelf life, the unused product remains viable

Suitable Surfaces


Colored Finish
Heat Reflective
Water Based
download technical data sheet download safety data sheet
Weight19 kg
Dimensions31 × 31 × 60 cm

Coloured viscous liquid


8.5 – 9.0



Film Forming Temperature


Coats Required

2 Coats

Recoat Time

4 Hours

Full Cure

72 Hours

VOC Levels

<6 g/litre


46 Standard Colours

Repaint Time

10 – 12 Years



Ambient Application Temperature

10?C – 30?C

Coverage Rate

5 sqm/coat

Application Guide

NXT AquaGuard requires two coats to ensure that the surface is 100% waterproof. Before application, the surface must be cleaned and dried, and joins should be re-enforced using Poly Fabric. The entire surface should then be primed with a suitable primer.

Two coats of NXT AquaGard should be applied using a brush, roller or airless spray unit with a 20-30 thou tip. Allow 4 hours drying time between coats, and up to 72 hours for a weatherproof finish.

Refer to the NXT AquaGuard Safety Data Sheet and the NXT AquaGuard Application Guidelines for the complete product and safety information before using NXT AquaGuard. NXT AquaGuard is not designed for use as an exposed membrane under vehicular or heavy foot traffic. For roof applications, NXT AquaGuard is to be applied to surfaces with appropriate falls and drainage. NXT AquaGuard is not designed to be immersed or applied to subterranean areas. Product in a wet state will clean up with water. Once the product has dried it will need mechanical means or solvents to remove.