Primer: Tredgrip

A & I Coatings TREDGRIP is a high build, water based acrylic copolymer, which has crosslinked, crumbed rubber incorporated to give excellent non-skid properties. Tredgrip has high elasticity and very good
tensile strength. Tredgrip is used as a non-skid protective membrane where permanent flexibility is required.



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Tredgrip is also membrane coating, and has excellent flexibility. Minor substrate movement including hair line cracks are easily covered with Tredgrip, and because it is permanently flexible, it will allow substrate expansion and contraction without any damage to the coating.

Tredgrip will NOT adhere to ceramic, glazed or treated tiles, and should not be used for heavy duty applications. It is a light to medium duty application mainly used for foot traffic, and will not stand up to heavy traffic (e.g- cars, and heavy machines), due to its flexibility.


Areas where Tredgrip can be used include: tennis courts, public access ramps and steps, decks, patios, pool surrounds, boats, sporting facilities and disabled care facilities. In fact, Tredgrip non slip coatings can be used almost anywhere a non slip decorative surface is required.

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