Enviroset 2000 – Super Clear Epoxy Coating

A & I Coatings Enviroset 2000 achieves a beautiful hardwearing ?polished concrete? look at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional processes.

  • Suitable as primer and top coat
  • Safe and easy application
  • Extra clear finish
  • Suitable for use with anti-slip media
  • Enviro-friendly
  • Chemical resistant
  • Available in satin and gloss
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Compatible with line marking



  • Next day delivery
  • Top quality products
  • Money back guarantee


  • Showrooms
  • Entrance Lobbies
  • Schools
  • Supermarkets
  • Food Prep Areas and Canteens
  • Workshops and laboratories

This Super Clear Epoxy Coating features good penetration when applied as a primer. It is excellent for enhancing colours in substrates such as exposed aggregate on diamond-honed concrete floors. Enviroset 2000 is easy and safe to apply. It provides excellent aesthetic enhancement, cleanability and protection for floors in a multitude of applications. Anti-slip media can be used with Enviroset 2000 to achieve various safety ratings and low VOC certification is available for GreenStar projects. Enviroset 2000 Super Clear Epoxy Coating is a very popular finishing topcoat for coloured and decorative bases such as flake floors. While Envirothane is typically used for medium wear applications, due to its low viscosity, extra durability can be achieved for higher traffic areas by applying additional topcoats. Click to see more information?

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Enviroset 2000 – Super Clear Epoxy Coating Specification?

This spec achieves a beautiful hardwearing ?polished concrete? look at a fraction of the cost and application time of the traditional process. It uses Envirothane 2000 Super Clear Two Pack Epoxy. It is ideal in areas that require a hard wearing surface, easy cleaning properties and excellent appearance. It can be used as a food grade coating, and lends itself to being applied as a non-slip surface.

Download Tredgrip Coating Specification

4L, 20L


Extra Clear


Satin or Gloss

Coverage Rate

8m?/[email protected]?m DFT. (120?m WFT)

Pot Life

1 [email protected]?C


Blend Pack A with Pack B 1:1 and power stir thoroughly for at least 2 minutes. The first coat can normally be walked on after 5-6 hours and the second coat applied. The floor is then ready to take light to medium traffic after 24 hours. Potlife time must be closely monitored as water based epoxies may not go hard at the end of the Potlife.