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Winter Coat Satin Exterior Acrylic 10L

100% acrylic that can be applied in marginal and wintry weather conditions.


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Winter Coat is 100% acrylic that can be applied in marginal and wintry weather conditions.

It can be applied at low temperatues and is shower proof within a relatively short period.

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Weight10 kg
Product Features

Film forms at low temperatures
Dries fast in marginal conditions
Shower proof

Typical Substrates

Band sawn timber
Timber fences
Fibre cement board
Tilt slab concrete

Color and Gloss

Gloss level and description – low sheen 7.5% at 60 degrees
Colour range – whites, pastels, mid tones, dark and extra bright

Surface preparation

General preparation of the surface to be painted should be completed before commencing application.
All loose material must be removed and surface damage or imperfections made good.
The surface must be clean, dry and free of contaminants. Areas with a build up of grime must be cleaned with sugar soap or quality equivalent.
Previously painted enamel and polyurethane must be sanded to remove gloss.

Application schedule

Touch dry at 5˚C: 1 – 2 hours; at 10˚C: 30 minutes
Re-coat time: 2 – 4 hours
Practical coverage 8 – 12 square meters per litre
Dry film thickness at 10 square meters per litre 47 microns
Required number of coats: 2
Application is not generally recommended if the surface and/or air temperature is less than 5˚C or is liable to fall below 5˚C during the drying period.

Application methods

Good quality paint or cutting in brush
Short nap roller – 15mm
Airless spray minimum 133 bars (2,000lb/sq in)
Tip size 15thou

Clean up and thinning

Clean up all equipment with water.
Thinning not recommended as this product is optimised for fast drying and application in marginal weather conditions.
Application in ambient temperatures above 15˚C by brush or roller may require the addition of PaintPlus
Hot Weather Thinners or clean water up to 50ml per litre.


Read label before use and keep out of reach of children.
If medical advice is needed: have product container or label at hand.
Wear protective clothing such as overalls, goggles and gloves and ventilate working areas.
Wash any paint deposits off skin.
If sanding wear face mask to avoid inhaling dust particles.


Winter Coat has been optimised for exterior application. Therefore it is not recommended for interior living areas.
It is not suitable for use on face to face contact surfaces such as windows and door frames.

Environmental Qualities

Manufactured in a carbon neutral certified facility –
ISO 14064-1
VOC < 1gm per litre EC07-13
Ecolabel certified – Environmental Choice EC07-13
Licence number 0703012

Primer/Sealer Requirements

New cementitious surfaces:
Apply 1 coat of PaintPlus Masonry Sealer
Galvanised iron, coil coated steel:
Apply 1 coat of PaintPlus Galv Coat
Apply 1 coat of PaintPlus Quick Prep


Return any unused product to a PaintPlus stockist for recycling. If this is impractical or the residual paint is contaminated it may be left to dry by leaving the lid
off the container.
Dispose with refuse if permitted by local municipal.
Paint containers are reusable for non-food purposes and recyclable in areas where recycling and collection facilities are available.

Film properties

Heat resistance – 70˚C maximum
Water resistance – excellent
Chemical resistance – resistant to household cleaners: avoid acids and alcohols
Solvent resistance – poor resistance to strong solvents

Roof and Cladding