Writeboard?paint is a waterborne, two-pack clear polyurethane coating which provides an exceptional surface for writing on with whiteboard markers. Being clear, it can be used over any colour, from Corporation White, Industrial Purple, through to?Kidsroom?Yellow ? let your imagination go free.



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Writeboard Paint on Whiteboard Coating

Known as Dry Erase paints or paint-on whiteboard coatings, there are a number on the market, but A&I Coatings has proved and can show that Writeboard is second to none. You are welcome to visit and scrutinise our Dry Erase Comparison wall at our Moss Vale Headquarters. Whether removing markings in five minutes or five years, Writeboard will quickly come clean.

To get started with your?whiteboard wall,?all that is needed is a clean surface. Coat a new wall in the acrylic colour of your choice, or for an existing coated wall, clean the coating with a mild soap and water and rinse thoroughly. Lightly abrade the surface if necessary to remove any particles or dust in the existing coating, which can cause difficulty in the removal of the whiteboard marker. Coat with the single pack quick-drying surface conditioner, leave for about 45 minutes at 20? C, mix the Writeboard coating at 2:1 ratio as per the Data Sheet, and coat the wall with a 4-6mm nap quality roller. Leave for approximately 45 minutes till tack free, and repeat the Writeboard coating, taking care to apply evenly. Crossflow ventilation will help with drying. Leave for seven days before use: Warning, this takes patience!


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