Stone Grip Blend Range

Product: Stone Grip Manufactured by: Designer Flake

Product Information: Stone Grip; size 2mm micro Flake (includes 30% quartz stone) Stone Grip has been specially designed for areas where slip resistance is required; School toilets, Change rooms, Entry/Exits, Commercial premises, Commercial kitchens etc.

A non-slip rating of between R10-12 in the Stone Grip Range was achieved with tests using the Duron Coating System. (Results may vary with alternative coating systems and application methods)

*Note: Where a rating between R10-12 is required/specified and a Certificate is required; testing is site specific and could only be independently performed (by others) on completion of works.

Available in lots of 1, 5, 20, 60, and 120 kg quantities

Please note: Samples were tested with the Duron Coatings System (100% coverage), this could vary when using alternative coating systems. As recommended always have the completed surface tested to ensure site specific slip rating levels are achieved

* you must obtain a certified test of your completed job to get your slip rating.

Please note that colours may not be strictly accurate, depending on screen quality and other factors.