We recommend and supply the Novelio range of glass-fibre wallcoverings.

Durable and functional, Novelio Wallcoverings are composed of glass-fibre or cellulose polyester, making them perfect for the protection and decoration of walls and ceilings in both commercial premises and residential areas, including bathrooms.

These quality wallcoverings can be used in new construction where their high mechanical resistance prevents cracks from appearing; and in renovations where they will cover cracks and wall irregularities.

Novelio Nature Charm
Novelio Nature Flair Baltic Blue
Novelio Nature Pure Terracotta


The benefits of Novelio glass-fibre wallcoverings include:
• Hide cracks and wall irregularities.
• Provide mechanical resistance to further cracks.
• Paintable and repaintable.
• Strippable.
• High impact resistance.
• Washable.
• Long service life.
• Fireproof.
• Made of non-toxic material (Oeko-Tex 100 certified).
• Eco-friendly.
• Unique range of fashionable regular and geometric patterns.

ADFORS Novelio® Wallcovering Benefits

Novelio Classic Range


Paintable, durable and decorative, these glass-fibre paintable wallcoverings are ideal for the protection and decoration of walls and ceilings.

Glass-fibre wallcoverings have the ability to cover wall and ceiling cracks and irregularities while providing protection against bumps and knocks. They can also help prevent future cracking occurring.

Novelio Classic has been successfully and extensively used in homes, rental properties, hospitals, retirement villages and other residential and commercial situations. Easily painted with acrylic paints (or acrylic enamels for extra durability), they are washable and bring a touch of class to any room.

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Small Fishbone


Not only do they cover cracks and irregularities, they provide unrivalled protection against bumps, knocks and can even prevent cracks from happening! Ideal for any situation to bring in the warmth of texture and the durability of painted surfaces. Use high-quality acrylic paints or washable interior paints. For additional durability, you can upgrade to an acrylic enamel.

This product can be used in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries. It has been coated with 2k Urethanes for theatre and sluice room applications for a seamless wall protection and washable hygiene applications.

Novelio Classic has been successfully and extensively used in homes, rental properties, hospitals, hi-care units, retirement villages and more.

Novelio Nature Range


ADFORS Novelio Nature combines the tough mechanical properties of glass-fibre and the easy application of a traditional wallpaper.

The Novelio Nature range of fiberglass wallcoverings is prefinished (unlike Novelio Design and Classic which are designed to be painted). They are perfect for use on public spaces such as hotels, cafés, social housing, and offices, where a durable, washable, attractive wallcovering is required.

Novelio Nature Grace Almond
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Charm Collection

Pure Collection

Flair Collection

Grace Collection

This fiberglass wallcovering is prefinished unlike Novelio Design and Classic which is designed to be painted. This product unlike most other wallcoverings can be used in Bathrooms, this product is glass, it can stand moisture, knocks, scrubbing plus more unique benefits, see attached fact sheet for more details.

These products are intended to be used in public spaces (hotels, cafés, offices) but also in residential…any place where you spend a lot of time and wish for a natural feel.

•  Provides protection for sensitive people thanks to the fast and non-reversible         removal of formaldehyde
•  Effective for more than 10 years even after several layers of paint
•  A specially designed coating that absorbs 70% of formaldehyde permanently

Novelio Decoration Range

The Novelio Design range offers the end-user a wide selection of unique and original designs while providing effective and lasting wall protection.

The Novelio Design range is designed to be painted but with sand-infused patterns, this glass-fibre wallcovering requires only one coat of a high-quality acrylic paint. Don’t forget, Duraspec can recommend and supply the perfect paint for your décor, including metallic paints.

And, thanks to the patented CleanAir technology, Novelio wallcoverings also help improve indoor air quality by absorbing harmful formaldehyde fumes found in furnishings.

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Novelio Nature Range Brochure

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